Tanya Tiet


Tanya Tiet – A Soul Goddess In the Desert

As featured in The Aquarius View online magazine, this article takes you further into the world of Tanya Tiet the singer AND the songwriter.

“Tanya Tiet uses her powers for good. The gifts of melody and poetry, matched with a humble yet steadfast desire to climb and share, are her tools. She is currently preparing to rise again to a new level of creativity as she and producer, Paris Toon put the finishing touches on their latest writing and recording project called Fat Bottom Lip. This project is expected to reveal an even more sophisticated, playful and witty side of Tanya’s writing style, supported and decorated by some of the team’s best lyrical and musical compositions to date. The first single release from this album happens to be a throwback disco flavored jam, “Reflections of a Disco Ball,” featuring Tanya Tiet and a special guest…..”

Follow the link to read the full article and learn something new about the songstress; where she has been and where she is headed: http://theaquariusview.com/2015/02/tanya-tiet-soul-goddess-in-the-desert/