Tanya Tiet


As a vocalist and a live performer, Tanya Tiet (pronounced: tee-yay) has a style all her own as she impulsively swoops from soothing tones that caress emotions to fire-laced bellows that inspire celebration through movement. Tiet keeps us guessing and for that reason alone, we keep watching.

Vocalist and songwriter, Tanya Tiet is a Billboard charting independent recording artist on the climb. This Native New Yorker has taken her well-honed talents from the local streets of her home city, across the nation, to the desert mountains of Phoenix, Arizona and over clouds and seas to lands around the globe. Recently featured in an article on the Aquarius View internet magazine site, Tiet was described as “…a microphone wielding, microburst of a songstress who appears and disappears from venues all over the nation as she sees fit. Yet, beneath the layers of live performances, there lives a pensive and prolific writer.”

Tanya Tiet happens to be a long-standing, collaborative member of producer and songwriter, Paris Toon’s collective, Mother’s Favorite Child. She has appeared on recordings and shared stages, wearing various “hats,” with several indie and internationally known artists alike, including CeCe Peniston, Jamie Foxx, Nik West and most notably, Sister Sledge. In fact, Tanya regularly tours with Sledge and even released a single called, “Reflections of a Disco Ball”, on which Debbie Sledge appears as a special guest.

Now, having gained the interest of Spectra Music Group, Tanya Tiet’s album Music Like This, is sure to become a recorded treasure for Soul-Jazz music lovers everywhere. Her single, “Never” from the album was featured in the top ten on Billboard’s Hot New Singles chart. Tanya’s latest single, “Straitjacket Crazy” is already being featured on radio shows in Europe, the United States and beyond. Wherever you may find Tanya Tiet (or her voice), you will undoubtedly experience a genuine, quality performance that will leave you wanting more.

Listen. Watch. Get to know Tanya Tiet.